15 Best Amazon FBA Tools for Sellers

With so much competition and saturation within the Amazon ecosystem, sellers must go above and beyond to stand out with customers and derive the most utility from the platform.

For Amazon Businesses, there are dozens of unique and powerful tools to choose from—all of which can help you unleash your brand’s potential. Some are free, and others have paid tiers that offer useful advantages as you scale your operation. 

But with so many to choose from, what are the very best Amazon FBA tools? 

Today, we’ve gathered our top 15 Amazon seller tools for BA sellers, listed alphabetically. 

#1 AMZBase

Amazon sellers are always searching for new private label product opportunities. AMZBase is another free Amazon seller tool with a Chrome extension that helps FBA sellers search for the products to sell on Amazon. This function is valuable for both new FBA sellers and established sellers who want to refresh their inventory and offerings. 

How does it work? 

AMZBase sources historical prices of popular products by offering one-click access to sites like CamelCamelCamel, Alibaba, and the Google search engine. It allows sellers to view the ASIN number and title description of a product listing, estimate the FBA fees, and determine whether it will be a profitable product. 

#2 Amazon Forecast

Many of the tools we’ve discussed are designed to synergize with the Amazon Seller platform, but what about tools that are built right into the AWS offering? 

For example,  Amazon Forecast is a powerful machine-learning tool that delivers accurate business forecasting for important data points like financial performance, product demand, and resource needs. To accomplish this, it follows a simple three-step pattern:

  1. Uploading datasets
  2. Creating predictors
  3. Generating forecasts 

As an FBA seller, you’re only responsible for providing historical data and any other data that may impact your forecasts, such as seasonal demand or multiple store location information. Amazon Forecast then uses machine learning to examine and identify a forecasting model that is 50% more accurate than looking at the time-series data alone. Plus, it’s far more time-efficient than reviewing data and generating forecasts manually.

Similar to Amazon Forecast, if you are looking to automate demand planning for your ecommerce business, you can utilize Forum’s Crystal application. This Amazon approved application helps you evaluate how much inventory to purchase for a more accurate demand forecast. If you’re monitoring tens of thousands of dollars worth of sales a month, having machine learning at your disposal is invaluable. 

#3 Amazon Nimble Studio

Amazon Nimble Studio, also available within AWS, gives creative power to FBA sellers in their marketing efforts. This Amazon tool allows sellers to produce animation, visual effects, and interactive content from storyboard sketches to final deliverables. Simplified project sharing and high-speed storage are also available with built-in data security. Plus, the tool offers scaling optionality when adding more artists and virtual workstations.

Sellers can use Nimble Studio to improve content through commercials, gaming experiences, and other virtual production that elevate marketing efforts and showcase your brand. 

#4 Brightpearl

Brightpearl is the top-ranked inventory management tool available, easily integrating with Amazon as well as other major third-party systems. Armed with this system, FBA sellers can gain oversight of inventory orders, customers, and profits—all from a single management platform. The top benefits include:

  • Faster fulfillment through automation
  • Agility to sell on multiple online channels
  • Consolidation of customer data

Brightpearl empowers you to scale strategically. The ability to monitor your Amazon inventory can help you maintain optimal stocking levels, satisfy demand, and ensure customers can promptly receive their products.  

#5 FeedbackWhiz

FeedbackWhiz automates communication between your FBA store and its customers. With this tool, an FBA seller can create scheduled messaging scripts that respond to various triggers, including shipment, delivery, feedback, repeat purchase, and refunds. It does so in accordance with the Amazon FBA rules regarding customer messaging.  

Want to create an automated, customizable email campaign? That’s possible.

Looking for ways to maximize positive feedback? The Feedback Manager can help with that. 

FeedbackWhiz also has Amazon product monitoring tools. When another seller tries to hijack your listing, or when you win or lose the buy box, you can get a notification. FeedbackWhiz’s suite of Amazon seller tools was purposefully designed to help you automate, manage, monitor, and grow. 

#6 Helium 10

Touted as the “industry’s first all-in-one Amazon seller software,” Helium 10 has a suite of FBA tools to help sellers of all levels with a variety of business-critical tasks like: 

  • Amazon product research
  • Keyword ranking
  • Amazon listing optimization
  • Inventory management
  • Analytics

Users can try the platform for free with a limited number of uses on tools within the complete suite, making it a valuable option for sellers of all maturity levels. 

Helium 10 has different pricing levels sellers can select. 

For example, the starter plan is $37 per month and includes full access to Xray—Helium 10’s Google Chrome extension—which discovers profitable product opportunities and identifies the most reliable suppliers for key products. It can also instantly generate an overview of the Amazon marketplace demand as well as the product's projected profitability.  

#7 HelloProfit

Obsessed with data and analytics? 

HelloProfit is the tool for you. This robust software platform provides a full suite of Amazon analytics for sellers, letting you take a high-level view of your SKU level data or drill down deep, sorting by the merchant, marketplace, and data. 

The live updates are especially useful when monitoring new product launches and limited promotions. Sellers can analyze the data for different products and use promotion and customer analysis tools to strategically drive decisions. There’s also in-depth reporting on Amazon sales, ROI, and payouts, which can be accessed through multiple user log-ins, depending on which reports each person on your team requires. 

#8 Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout ranks among the best Amazon seller tools thanks to its multipurpose features. Its features adapt to wherever you may be in your FBA seller journey, providing an assortment of beginner and expert solutions that FBA sellers can utilize at various growth stages.   

For beginners, Jungle Scout offers solutions like Opportunity Finder, which uses AI-driven insights to identify high-demand, low-competition keywords in order to source only products with maximum profit potential. 

For the more experienced Amazon FBA seller, tools like Listing Builder can optimize product listing and product review automation, thus ensuring that eligible orders are automatically sent product review requests. Convenient features like this help successful businesses continue to drive conversions. 

That said, unlike other Amazon seller tools on the market, this one is not free and starts at $49/month for its basic plan. In our estimation, that sticker price is well worth it.  

#9 Keepa

Keepa is another Amazon price tracker tool. 

You can use it to create a list of products to track, recent deals, or price drops by searching product titles, ASINs, and product links. Best of all, the tool displays a list of best-selling products on Amazon by category that updates every six hours.   

This tool is beneficial for both new FBA sellers researching price competitiveness as well as seasoned sellers who want to strategize sales and discounts based on trending products. 

#10 Repricer

Repricer was created for sellers looking to maximize profits. It helps accomplish this by leveraging net-margin repricing. Amazon repricer helps merchants win the buy box and remain ahead of the competition.

You simply upload your product costs, enter the minimum and maximum product margins, and then let the automation feature identify profit-maximizing opportunities. If you want, you can also exclude low-quality sellers that drive down the price by simply blacklisting retailers you don’t wish to work with. 

Best of all, Repricer isn’t limited to just Amazon. This tool is also helpful for selling on eBay, Walmart, Shopify, and many other online outlets. With inventory synch, you can automate price management, thus ensuring that your prices remain consistent across all channels and that there are no opportunities for arbitrage.  

#11 Seller.Tools

Sellers can use this all-in-one optimization solution and Chrome extension to enhance their overall strategy. Seller.Tools provides a full suite of powerful tools you can use to optimize listings, identify relevant keywords and top-selling products, enact a PPC campaign, and automate manual-based processes. This includes the following:

  • Keyword manager
  • Listing manager
  • Expert-level integration 
  • PPC management
  • Product research
  • Alerts
  • Wallet  

You can try out the service for free, but to fully unlock the power of Seller.Tools, you’ll need to pay. Fortunately, the base plan starts for as little as $27 per month. 

#12 SellerApp

SellerApp is another powerful all-in-one seller tool meant to supercharge your business. Wondering how to use the amazon seller app? Its features are built to service four primary areas of focus: 

  • Search – Perform product research, kick around product ideas, and maximize B2B opportunities.
  • Sell – Utilize advanced keyword research and create professional product listings. 
  • Optimize – Get the most out of your SKUs to drive awareness and maximize profitability. 
  • Scale – Leverage AI, machine learning, and powerful analytics to monitor your Amazon sales and inventory data, receive actionable insights, and then expand into high-value categories and subcategories. 

The wide array of valuable tools and plugins is a major reason why sellers consistently rank the SellerApp as one of the top apps for eCommerce enablement. 

#13 Sonar

Sonar is a free Amazon keyword tool and a favorite for FBA sellers. 

With access to over 180 million multi-lingual keywords generated by Amazon shoppers and reverse ASIN lookup capabilities, Sonar grants sellers visibility over which product and keyword combinations are ranking best. This FBA tool makes it possible to gauge your own Amazon advertising performance against competitors by generating benchmarks for optimal cost-per-click and click-through rates.

Since ranking plays a major role in a seller’s ability to stay competitive, they must therefore work ceaselessly to optimize rankings when building out product pages. Sonar can help with that. 

#14 Transparency by Amazon

Transparency by Amazon gives FBA sellers the option of attaching counterfeit protection to products. When using this tool, Amazon scans the assigned products and ensures only authentic units are shipped to customers. Consumers appreciate this feature—most desire greater transparency in product information, including manufacturing date and location.

Depending on the types of products you sell, you can prioritize those at higher risk of counterfeit to add an extra layer of security. The end result is increased consumer confidence during the buying experience. 

#15 Zonguru

Zonguru is a data-centric tool that you can use to scale your business. 

It leverages field-tested methodologies, powerful data insights, and various automations to get the most value out of your FBA store. It can help you: 

  • Identify the next best-selling product to add to your store
  • Maximize sales with SEO tools that highlight top keywords and images
  • Scale your Amazon business as you track its performance in real-time
  • Communicate with customers so that they remain satisfied with your services 

Whether you wish to monitor customer engagement, keep an eye on competitor strategies, or craft listings designed to attract clicks and conversions, Zonguru provides a Researcher, Seller, and Enterprise solution. 

How to Choose Amazon Seller Tools

This list is just a snapshot of the many tools designed to help FBA businesses grow and become profitable. Choosing which will work best for your Amazon business depends on a variety of factors, including seller experience level, analytics needs, and budget.

If you’re just beginning as an Amazon FBA Seller, take advantage of all the built-in tools and sales reports that Amazon offers through the platform. Then, identify where you want to dive deeper into your data. You can test-drive free tools and then increase the plan options as your business grows. 

You should also consider which analytics you’d like to gain more insight into. You can use an Amazon product research tool or a keyword research tool, or use other tools highlighting operational forecasting and marketing. Decide where you need the most improvement and plan to add to your tool arsenal accordingly. Choose the tools with multiple features to get the most out of your investment, and regularly audit your usage to ensure you’re taking full advantage of everything those tools have to offer.

Lastly, budget is always a consideration, regardless of your business size. In order to scale, each part of your operations must be efficient and effective. Beginners can quickly grow their businesses by strategically using free tools. Those who are seasoned FBA sellers are better positioned to invest in higher-priced plans that offer greater capabilities.

Positioning Your Business for A Sale

Amazon FBA Sellers must track several areas of their business simultaneously, with changes to the platform and competitive landscape occurring frequently. Utilizing a set of tools to aid your efforts will help you build a business that will eventually be eligible for sale. 

At Forum Brands, we offer a cash payout for years of profits in one day based on the valuation of your brand. We work with brands that demonstrate a financial success of at least $200K in net profit in the past year, with 70% or more of sales generated through Amazon FBA.

Interested in exploring a sale? Get in touch today to learn about selling your Amazon FBA with Forum Brands.


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