How to Use the Amazon Seller App to Grow Your Business

To succeed in the competitive world of Amazon eCommerce, you need to be able to manage your brand from anywhere—whether you’re in-office or on the go.  

The Amazon Seller app was created to help with that, providing ready access to your shop and a host of helpful tools that you can take advantage of no matter where you are. 

This guide will show you how to use the Amazon Seller app to enhance your selling strategy. 

What is the Seller App?

The Seller app is a mobile application designed for iOS and Android devices that puts Amazon Seller Central in your pocket. Once downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store, just like on Amazon Seller Central, Amazon sellers can manage their day-to-day Amazon business operations directly from their phones. It comes jam-packed with tools and insights via a robust data analytics program that independent sellers can use to compete and continuously optimize their business strategies. 

Amazon Seller tools and features include:

  • Product listing – From the Seller app, you can create a new Amazon product listing or amend an existing one. You can also use the Amazon Seller app to scan new items. Simply use your phone to scan the barcode and take professional quality product photos. Once uploaded, you can start selling the item immediately.  
  • Product inventory management – Maintaining proper stocking levels is critical for business success. And with the Seller app, you can review product-level inventory details, check up on fulfillment channels, and see fulfillment by Amazon data—all of which enables you to make data-driven inventory decisions with the tools from Amazon analytics for sellers
  • Oversee orders – Do you have pending orders that need to be fulfilled? Through the app, you can confirm shipments, review pending orders, and set custom alerts for sales.
  • Product research– Succeeding as an Amazon seller requires that you regularly adjust inventory to suit customer preferences and market demand. The Seller app makes it possible to scan items and find them within the Amazon database. Once there, you can review prices, competition, reviews, sales rank, and various other metrics in order to see whether the product is a good fit for you.  
  • Handle customer service – Want to stay engaged and in touch with your customers? You can receive alerts whenever a customer asks about your Amazon product. The Seller Feedback Manager allows you to interact with customers, respond to feedback, reply to questions, share products on social media, and manage your returns process. 
  • Analyze your data – Amazon provides access to all of your store’s data from both a bird's-eye perspective as well as a granular review. Analyze your sales over time and see your profitable products, sales growth, and various other financial and operational KPIs. With the Seller app, you can monitor performance and manage existing Sponsored Products campaigns. You can also leverage automated insights to inform your future strategies. 

How Do You Use the Amazon Seller App? 

Ready to get started with the Amazon Seller App?

Follow these steps:

  1. Sign up on Amazon – You’ll need to be verified as an Amazon Seller before you can use the app. Signing up is easy. Just select the plan that matches your business and then fill out the details to create an Amazon Seller account.  
  1. Download the application – Do you use an iPhone or Android operating system for your mobile device? The app is available for free in both the Google Play Store and the App Store. 
  1. Log in – After the app has been downloaded, you can log in using your Amazon seller credentials. Then, you can start to explore and familiarize yourself with the various features at your disposal.   

Benefits of the Amazon Seller App 

How can the Seller App help make your eCommerce Brand successful? 

Notable advantages include: 

  • On-the-go control – Amazon affords sellers instant, real-time management—no matter if they’re in the office, at home, or on the move.  
  • Improved customer relations – Reducing customer response times is an essential aspect of brand relations. The faster you respond with useful information, the more likely a customer will be satisfied with your brand. Easy messaging and custom alerts ensure that you can respond to all of your customers with alacrity. 
  • Total visibility – Do you know your inventory on hand? What has your growth rate been? Which products are your best sellers? The analytics dashboard puts all of that information at your fingertips. It also lets you track the Amazon KPIs that matter most to you. 
  • Automated insights – The powerful platform can review sales and Amazon Marketplace data to help make strategic decisions like finding products to sell, managing inventory, or repricing listed products.  

Take the Next Step with Your FBA Business

The Amazon Seller app is one of many critical tools an eCommerce brand can leverage to stand out in the competitive Amazon Marketplace. Whether it’s creating product listings, managing existing orders, or responding to your customers, there are dozens of ways to streamline your Amazon business operations. 

Over time, this can help you reach the point where you are ready to sell your Amazon FBA

Have you already reached that stage? 

Then Forum Brands is your ideal partner. Our mission is to buy Amazon FBA businesses and elevate them into global brands. If you’re interested in a potential sale, let’s talk shop. 


Amazon. Manage your online business on the go with the Amazon seller app.

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