4 Baby Product Industry Trends to Watch in 2022

The baby product industry is always booming with both first-time and returning parents constantly cycling through the baby and infant market. Baby care and entertainment products, as well as baby accessories and toys all fall under this general category. 

For businesses already selling in the space or those looking to branch out into new segments, this is one to watch. Projections show the baby care product industry is set to reach $15.6 billion USD by 2026 with baby cosmetics and toiletries observing tremendous growth and accounting for more than 12% of the overall sales in the baby care products market.

Here are a few of the other product trends to watch out for in the coming years and ways to stand out in the baby care products industry. 

1) Organic Diapers and Baby Wipes

A quick look at the Amazon Best Sellers page shows the baby diaper and baby wipe consistently in the top spots with different brands competing for prime placement. Though not a “trendy” baby care product, these are everyday items every parent needs for the first several years of their child’s life. That means they will always be in demand. Furthermore, Amazon incentives like fast, free shipping, and straightforward price comparisons are what keep parents coming back to the online marketplace for their baby purchases.

Because of the rising awareness, to stand out from the competitive landscape in today’s market, the focus on organic materials resonates highly with the newest generation of parents. Additionally, brands that follow a subscription-based service to replenish baby diaper needs automatically will become part of the trend as well. Though convenience is still the main factor for this product, how baby products are made and the personalization that the brands provide will help edge out the competition.

2) Sustainable Baby Toiletries

The combination of ingredients included in baby hair care like baby shampoo, skin care, and other baby personal care products are meant to be gentler on babies’ skin and hair. In the past, high sellers relied on bright, fun packaging to attract shoppers. But with the growing awareness and the competitive landscape, the baby product industry trends going into 2022 and beyond are focused on baby toiletries or baby hygiene products made with natural and organic  ingredients and packaged in recyclable bottles and containers. 

As with diapers and baby wipes, today’s generation of parents is focused on environmentally friendly options and cruelty-free practices when it comes to their purchases. Rather than being dazzled by the colors and fonts of labels, they are more highly in tune with the fine print of ingredients and materials being used. According to a GreenPrint survey, 78% of consumers are more likely to purchase products labeled as eco-friendly, while 64% are even willing to pay more for sustainable baby hygiene products.

3) Smart Technology Safety Products

This subcategory includes baby monitors, strollers, high chairs, and car seats, among other essentials for children through their early years and into the toddler stage. While consumers still stick with brands they know and trust, the increased use of smart technology is a niche people want for their babies. Smart monitors that connect with downloadable apps and hi-tech strollers that provide the ultimate in comfort and convenience are trends that will continue to grow in 2022 and beyond. 

4) Luxury Baby Cribs

Baby cribs also continue to be a top-selling performer in the baby product industry. In 2020, the global baby cribs and cots market reached approximately $1.33 billion USD and is expected to reach $1.7 billion by 2026. As with baby safety premium products, the technology and design of baby cribs and beds are a leading factor in the brands that sell well in this segment. Additionally, peer reviews that present high ratings in safety, comfort, and convenience will be best sellers as the majority (last reported, 97%) of people rely on reviews to help make a purchasing decision.

Following Trends to Meet the Needs of Today’s Consumers

When navigating the baby products industry, consumers want to find the sweet spot of convenience, cost savings, and comfort. The products that continue to sell well are necessities for every baby and toddler, which means there’s unlimited potential to reach this massive audience. 

However, with high, consistent demand comes high, consistent competition. To be competitive in this popular category, sellers must follow the current demand of consumers, which in todays’ infant market include eco-friendly, all-natural products, online convenience and affordability, and the inclusion of smart technology. What started as novel trends in the space has quickly become part of the standard people want for their child’s care. 

The necessities for a baby’s development will never change but the quality and design of how they’re offered will. Though cost and convenience are still main priorities, consistent quality and transparency of materials and ingredients are as important to consumers today and must be accounted for. 

Finding Success as an Amazon Seller

To be a successful Amazon seller in this space, it’s smart to offer a wide variety of everyday products parents need. With most trends being reasonably priced products that are easy to ship, it’s easier for sellers to enter into this broad category and its related niches and become profitable.

At Forum Brands, we buy Amazon businesses from passionate, independent entrepreneurs. One of the key parts of our criteria is a business that sells products in enduring categories that customers love. With baby essentials always in demand, now and for years to come, it’s a solid positioning for sellers to grow and eventually sell their online business down the road.






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