3 Best Product Types to Sell From Home

Starting a business from home and selling online has never been easier. With ecommerce shopping available at our fingertips, the only thing between you and potential customers is the click of a button. If you're interested in starting an online business, the first step is finding product ideas.

Although it can be tempting to sell current trending products, you'll want to make sure you consider the product's longevity as well. Social media may be promoting something as a popular product today, but will the high demand still be relevant in a few years?

Another consideration when thinking through product ideas is whether or not that industry is oversaturated. Finding niche products for your online store can help boost your chances at a high profit margin as there will be less competition from more established ecommerce businesses.

When looking for the best products to sell from home, here are three that are consistently top sellers.

1. Fitness Equipment

The pandemic has catalyzed a new wave of people who prefer to work out at home.  To obtain the highest profit margins, consider finding a niche product in a lower price range.

Smaller fitness equipment such as hand weights, weight resistance bands, yoga mats, and small exercise balls can be part of any at-home gym, regardless of space, season, or budget. Because of their versatility, these are the type of products your potential customers will continue to buy because they’re convenient and cost-effective.  Furthermore, storing and shipping lightweight fitness equipment keeps operational costs low, a key factor when choosing the best products to sell from home.

2. Home Office Accessories

Remote working has increased over the past two years and is becoming more and more normalized in company culture. One study found that 70% of companies were planning to adopt a hybrid model as the new standard. As a result, home office accessories are another one of the best products to sell from home. People need them for their everyday work lives. 

Desk lamps, laptop trays, and desk organizers are all part of a simple at-home office setup that is constantly being manufactured and easy to ship. Additionally, students also require these same items to create makeshift study areas during college. Though there may be a spike in sales toward the end of summer as university residence halls open, in general, these product types are in demand year-round.

3. Kitchen Appliances

More time at home has also increased consumers’ cooking habits. More than 500 million small and major household appliances wereshipped in the United States in 2020. Blenders, can openers, milk frothers, and coffee machines are all items consumers are buying to fill their spaces as they cook from home more. 

Furthermore, as technology continues to deliver new kitchen tools and appliances that are eco-friendly and more energy-efficient, the demand will only continue to rise. When considering which products to sell from home, choose ones that are lightweight and easy to ship to keep operational costs low.

How to Store and Ship from Home

Selling products from home doesn’t mean you have to turn your space into a storage warehouse or a full-fledged shipping operation. Ecommerce businesses starting with a few shipments a month may designate a specific area of their home for selling products. However, as the business grows and the space becomes smaller, it makes sense to take advantage of drop shipping methods like Amazon FBA.

As an Amazon FBA seller, you get to hand over the storing, packaging and shipping of all the products in your online store. Sellers also benefit from the built-in advantages like Amazon prime eligibility for their products, as well as customer service support for any customer inquiries, complaints or returns. Sellers can easily track, replenish, and market their inventory from Amazon's seller platform so it's easy to keep track of direct sales. There are also FBA tools that provide insights into which products are selling best, emerging new product trends, and inventory management.

Moving forward

Technology has transformed the way we buy and sell goods. It’s easier both as a consumer and an online business to make transactions efficiently and securely. To be profitable selling from home, choose everyday products in enduring categories that continuously provide value. Since work, exercise, and eating are a part of everyday life for the average consumer, it’s no surprise products types associated with these categories continue to be top sellers.





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