4 Fitness Industry Trends to Watch in 2022

Every year, a new fitness trend emerges that consumers want to try. Whether it’s time spent at your local CrossFit gym or in a boutique fitness studio, the cardio-dance craze of Zumba, the latest fitness technology, or the Peloton bike, there’s never a shortage of ways people like to exercise. 

As we approach 2022, fitness industry statistics show that as of 2021, the global online fitness industry has grown 77% since 2019, with an estimated worth of $10.71 billion. Growth in online or virtual fitness can be attributed to a decline in access to gyms and fitness studios throughout 2020 and early 2021. 

How does the shift toward virtual workout classes change how the fitness industry will look in 2022 and the products people will seek out? Below we discuss trends in the fitness industry that reflect the transition from in-person, group exercise classes to online workouts. 

1. Wearables and Fitness Tech

Digital wearables and fitness tech have exploded in recent years and will continue to be a frontrunner in the fitness industry for the foreseeable future.  Products in this category have evolved beyond simply tracking your steps. Fitness wearables are able to monitor many aspects of your overall health, 24 hours a day. 

Fitbit had a strong entrance to the fitness scene in 2015, selling 21.4 million wearable fitness tracker devices.  The following year, sales increased to 22.3 million devices. However, around this same time, smartwatches also emerged, increasing competition in this category for fitness wearable devices. Now, as new technology emerges with improved features, more intuitive applications, and a better user experience, wearable fitness tech devices and their accessories will continue to be top sellers.

2. Hybrid Fitness Options

Though most nationwide gyms have opened their doors again to welcome guests back to work out, some have decided to offer a hybrid solution as part of their gym membership plans. People want options for when and where they workout, and when they can get it remotely, as with most other things these days, it’s an advantage.

Hybrid options offer full access to a constant rotation of virtual workout sessions and live-streaming classes. This fitness industry trend means more people are buying workout equipment that they can take with them on the go and/or store at home. This includes top selling items on Amazon such as hand weights, yoga mats, and resistance exercise bands. The fitness products that can be used in a mini at-home gym will continue to be in demand in the upcoming year.

3. Mind-Body Restoration

With the continuous rise of the health and wellness industry, yoga has been one of the biggest fitness crazes that has remained consistent over the past several years. But in the months coming out of the pandemic, the need for a mind-body connection through exercise has seen an uptick. Both Yoga and pilates practices are expected to continue growing in 2022 as they can be practiced at home or in outdoor gym settings. 

Nearly all gyms offer mind-body classes as part of their memberships, in addition to the thousands of individual studios that focus specifically on yoga, Pilates, or a blend of both. Yoga mats, balls, blocks, and other equipment and fitness gear necessary for the practice will continue to be part of fitness industry trends to watch as people look for new ways to de-stress and honor both their physical and mental health.

4. Personalized Fitness Experiences

Trends personalized toward individual fitness goals, preferences, and environments are also part trends to watch in 2022. This is an expansion of where the consumer environment is as a whole. Consumers want personalized or customized experiences when making a purchase. A gym or fitness club that offers a la carte classes, one-on-one with a personal trainer, or small group training sessions as a part of their fitness brand are likely to succeed in the gym industry in the future. 

A Renewed Focus on Health

In general, people are focused on their physical and mental health now more than ever and are proactive in doing what it takes to stay strong and healthy. As people’s lifestyles change, the fitness industry will change as well to accommodate fitness consumers where they are. 

This means empowering consumers to take charge of their own health through tech, offering hybrid or virtual workout options with fitness trainers, and delivering curated experiences that feed the mind, body, and soul. When brands align themselves by offering everyday products that satisfy their audience’s needs, they can benefit from these fitness trends and see their sales grow.







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