How to Get the Amazon Best Seller Badge

Getting the Amazon best seller badge is a tremendous accomplishment for any Amazon seller. With a lot of FBA sellers trying to look for ways to boost sales of their products on Amazon, getting a best seller badge shows that your brand stands out from the rest.

You might already know how to become an Amazon seller but knowing how to obtain the Amazon best seller badge and reap its benefits can be a tricky accomplishment to achieve. This blog will explore the Amazon best seller badge, how you can get it as an Amazon seller, and some pro tips for selling products successfully on Amazon.

What is an Amazon Best Seller Badge?

The Amazon #1 best seller badge is the orange icon next to your Amazon listing. This badge shows which products within a specific category are the most popular. The Amazon best seller rank is updated hourly, which means there could be several best sellers within the day or week. By creating the best seller badge, Amazon helps customers choose purchases based on best sellers rank.

As an Amazon seller, getting the best seller badge can be a huge boost for the business. More customers will click on your Amazon product listings, and your sales will most likely increase.

Although Amazon does not publish the exact criteria used to award the Amazon best seller badge, it is likely dependent on the following:

  • The volume of products sold, measured by the history of product sales
  • The speed at which products sell, based on how fast customers place product orders

The Amazon best seller badge is also awarded by product category, with some categories being more competitive than others. For example, Amazon sellers offering products in high-demand categories like “electronics” compete more rigorously for the Amazon choice badge than those in lower-demand categories.

Although the Amazon best seller badge was initially awarded to one best seller per category, Amazon has since expanded to listing the 100 best sellers in each category. Products in subcategories of popular categories can also compete for an Amazon best seller rank, which is wonderful news for any Amazon seller looking to grow their business and boost sales velocity.

How to Get the Best Seller Badge

There are five ways you can optimize your business processes to compete for the Amazon best seller badge and improve overall sales:

  • Target product categorization – For your product to stand out on Amazon, it is crucial that it competes within the most appropriate category. The more specific you are with choosing a product category or sub-category, the higher your chances of standing out and being awarded the best seller badge within that category.
  • Optimize your product listing – Based on the most commonly used keywords or search terms, you can optimize your product listing to target as many customers as possible. In addition to creating captivating descriptions of your products, you can use images that capture your customers’ interest.
  • Price products based on market – The more competitive your pricing is relative to other sellers, the higher your chances of boosting product sales. You should adjust pricing based on the market and the quality of your products—having the most competitive prices on high-quality products contributes to higher sales.
  • Leverage promotions – Promoting your products will also help increase their visibility. You can take advantage of high-traffic seasons with peak user activity like special holidays to advertise items at discounts or offer unique deals on products.
  • Advertise products – Your chances of winning the Amazon best seller badge or brand badge will also depend on how well you advertise your products. You can optimize advertising by tailoring pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns to the most-searched keywords or develop your own unique advertising strategy driven by your market research.

Although there is no guarantee that optimizing your business practices will win you the Amazon best seller badge in a given category, you will increase your product sales and expand your business.

Pro Tips for Selling on Amazon

If you want to know how to increase sales on Amazon like a pro, here are some tips that will help you:

  • Include high-quality photos – Taking high-quality photos of products, especially in brightly-lit environments, creates compelling visuals for customers and increases your chances of selling products.
  • Add product videos – Adding high-quality product videos, in addition to photos, provides extensive product visualization and helps boost sales.
  • Support your customers – It’s important to know how to get reviews on Amazon, to receive feedback on your product listing, whether good or bad.Keeping customers happy by addressing their concerns can result in excellent reviews, which can translate into higher Amazon rankings. 

Optimizing how you sell on Amazon and competing for Amazon's best seller badge will prepare you for the next stage of your business: scaling up into a renowned brand.

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