15 Tips on How to Increase Sales on Amazon

Selling products on Amazon is an opportunity to grow your business and boost sales. As an Amazon FBA seller, competing with countless other sellers on one of the world’s biggest eCommerce platforms, you must figure out how to increase sales on Amazon to keep your business growing. 

Knowing how to boost Amazon sales will help you retain long-term customers. Understanding how to get an Amazon best seller badge can also contribute to increasing your profits. In this guide, we’ve compiled 15 ways to improve your sales opportunities.

#1 Promote Your Business on Amazon

There are three ways to advertise on Amazon and drive traffic to your products:

  • Running Amazon sponsored ads for your products to display as a “Sponsored product”
  • Showcasing the unique features of your products and brand via “Sponsored brand”
  • Advertising within and beyond Amazon’s website via the “Sponsored display” solution

If you are looking to expand advertising and promotion beyond the walls of Amazon, you will find it beneficial to advertise on external platforms.

#2 Promote Your Business on External Platforms

There are several practices that will increase your advertising reach outside of Amazon:

  • Utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Creating email lists for your customers
  • Working with influencers on YouTube, TikTok, or social media platforms
  • Blogging to showcase your product portfolio

Advertising outside of Amazon helps you build a larger network of customers who can directly or indirectly help you refer products to other potential customers.

#3 Target Your Product Ads

To reach more people who might be interested in your products, consider targeting your ads to specific audiences. For example, your one-time customers are more likely to repeat purchases if they see targeted ads about products they liked.

#4 Optimize Product Listings

The quality of product listings matters when it comes to attracting customers to your FBA products. One of the best ways to engage customers is to create a clear and concise Amazon listing that accurately describes your products and shows their potential value in the hands of the Amazon shopper.

#5 Research Keywords

For an Amazon listing to capture the attention of potential customers, use keywords that often come up in web searches. Using the right keywords will increase the chances that your products appear in top searches on Amazon.

#6 Use High-Quality Images and Videos

Although catchy descriptions will increase product sales, many customers base their purchasing decisions on photos or videos of products. Investing in high-quality photography or videography for your products will add the finishing touch to a compelling product description and help sell your product.

#7 Price Items Appropriately

It helps to research Amazon marketplace trends when pricing items in your Amazon business. Underpricing your products can be a sign of poor quality. On the other hand, overpricing your products could push consumers to competitors selling similar products at lower prices. 

The goal is to find a reasonable price that appeals to existing and potential customers.

#8 Split Test Listings

When launching products, it’s essential to test customers’ responses to the products. Splitting test listings across products will help you find which product sells better. 

#9 Become an FBA Seller

If you aren’t already, becoming a Fulfillment by Amazon seller (FBA) grants you access to the benefits of Amazon’s fulfillment program and can increase sales by helping you:

  • Manage your inventory more effectively
  • Optimize product listing
  • Advertise your products on Amazon

Best of all, becoming an FBA seller enables you to grow your business without the hassle of managing issues that may arise with customer returns. So, read up on how to become an Amazon seller now. 

#10 Leverage Amazon’s Featured Offer

Amazon sellers also have the opportunity to compete for the “Featured Offer,” which is a sign that a seller ranks highly within a given Amazon product category.

Customers can choose from two options when they view a product with the Featured Offer:

  • “Buy now” to immediately make a purchase
  • “Add to shopping cart” to place the product in the cart for later review

Both options increase your sales and help boost revenue for your FBA business.

#11 Utilize Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns help your products gain greater visibility across Amazon. Each time a potential customer clicks on your product ad, chances are the customer will be prompted to view the product or purchase it.

#12 Use Email Marketing 

Building an email list to engage your customers will help grow your online customer audience  and provide information about:

  • Changes to products
  • Special sales and discounts
  • Product promotions

Using emails to communicate with customers also creates a channel for them to reach out if and when they have questions.

#13 Focus on Customer Reviews

Do you know how to get reviews on Amazon? A good portion of keeping your customers satisfied is ensuring they leave good product reviews. Some ways to leverage reviews in boosting sales include:

  • Thanking customers for their reviews
  • Responding to questions in reviews
  • Addressing any issues in poor product reviews

Even after customers are convinced to make a purchase based on a compelling picture or video of a product, the quality of a review can influence their final purchase decisions. 

#14 Build Your Brand on Amazon

Customers typically remember high-quality brands on Amazon and will often return to purchase products from these brands. One way to build your brand is by creating a page on Amazon’s Stores feature and customizing it to your brand preferences.

#15 Manage Your Inventory

It’s also crucial to build systems for managing your product inventory. The last thing you’d want is to have products sell out when you could have anticipated and ordered product inventory ahead of time. 

Top Tools for Amazon Sellers

You may also be wondering how to increase sales on Amazon FBA with optimizable tools and technologies. Leveraging the best Amazon FBA tools will increase sales by helping you:

  • Find the most effective keywords to drive traffic to your business
  • Create listings and optimize scale-up processes
  • Manage inventory and fulfill orders faster

Top seller tools will also help make your business processes more sustainable in the long run.

Boost Sales and Scale Up Your FBA Business

Are you an FBA seller looking to scale up and sell your Amazon FBA? Forum can help! As you continue to grow your business and consider a sale, we can facilitate a seamless exit process and ensure you get a great return on investment for your hard work.

Contact Forum today to learn more!


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