Trending Products for Amazon FBA

Amazon has quickly gained momentum as a primary destination for retail shopping over the past several years and doesn't show signs of slowing down. As a result, to meet demand, a steady increase of Amazon FBA sellers has been on the rise.

To give third-party sellers an idea of what’s selling best on the site, there’s a running list of Amazon trending products, which is updated daily. Certain categories are always in-demand. These include:  

  • Home and Kitchen 
  • Health and Personal Care
  • Pet Products and Accessories
  • Sports and Outdoors

Home and kitchen accounts for nearly 40 percent of products purchased by Amazon shoppers in the U.S., while beauty and personal care follows close behind at 36 percent. Pet products and sports and outdoors equipment are also in constant rotation as the top trending product items on Amazon. 

Understanding product trends is important to keep your e-commerce business competitive, but optimizing your online store to offer products everyone needs is what makes for lasting success. 

Home and Kitchen

Household appliances generated $542 billion in revenue worldwide in 2019 and is projected to reach $622 billion by 2025. The events of 2020 led to a significant spike due to the majority of people staying at home and getting greater use out of their kitchens.

Even as people slowly make their way back to their physical offices and regular schedules, growth expectations in this product category remain high. Smart technology and energy-efficient appliances keep home and kitchen tools and equipment on top of the list of Amazon trending products. NPD market research projects the most popular items in this segment fall under home environment appliances (+20 percent) and kitchen electrics (+19 percent).

Kitchen Electrics

Kitchen electrics, such as blenders, mixers, toasters, and other small kitchen appliances are also trending items on Amazon, due to increased use and the desire for more homeowners and apartment dwellers to go green. Additionally, the increased popularity of innovative products, such as air fryers and Instapots, have topped the list for consumers who want convenience and ease of use when cooking at home.

Health and Personal Care

The beauty and personal care market is expected to grow by 4.75 percent annually over the next five years, with personal care, specifically, taking the lead as the largest segment under this umbrella. Although it has been a booming industry for decades, new growth is attributed to younger consumers entering the market and the popularity of social media as main factors in driving buying behavior. 

Vitamins and Supplements

Although trending items on Amazon are updated hourly, health care best sellers consistently include vitamins, natural sleep aids, and therapeutic oils. The new generation of consumers seek out natural remedies in larger numbers than generations past. Gen Z makes up 40 percent of all U.S. consumers and reportedly are willing to pay premium prices for health care products that are natural, GMO-free, and sustainable. Convenience and alignment with core values outweigh cost for this demographic.

Skin Care and Cosmetics

Similarly, the majority of consumers today want skincare and cosmetic options that are chemical- and paraben-free made with natural ingredients and sustainably sourced. This includes everything from lotions to lipsticks and serums to body scrubs. These types of products sell best on Amazon FBA due to the necessity of repeat customers from all age groups and genders. 

Pet Products and Accessories

Pet products are considered a monthly expense for many and continue to be some of the top trending items on Amazon. A recent survey revealed 67 percent of U.S. households are pet owners, with pet expenses increasing from $48 billion in 2010 to an estimated $75 billion in 2019. Topping the list of annual pet products and accessories are pet food, treats, grooming aids, and toys. 

Pet Food and Treats

Much like with human care, people are paying more attention to what they’re feeding their pets. Sfor pets has made this product category even more competitive than in years past with new recipes and organic treats hitting the market regularly. 

Consumers now look for brands that are focused on pet wellness by using natural ingredients, free of chemicals and preservatives. Data collected over the last two years shows over half of U.S. consumers purchased their pet products on Amazon. Being an Amazon seller in this category ensures repeat sales for those who are going directly to the site for purchases. 

Grooming Aids and Toys

Additionally, more time spent at home with pets during the past year has led to a spike in pet products sold. Grooming kits and pet toys were on the upswing in sales to keep pets healthy and entertained. Everything from hair and nail clippers to chew toys and cat hair removers continue to be high on the list of Amazon best sellers due to necessity, convenience, and cost-effectiveness of shipping. 

Sports and Outdoors

The sports and outdoors landscape has shifted dramatically as gyms have moved their equipment and class outside for the foreseeable future. More consumers are doing at-home workouts and creating at-home gyms as a way to stay active. A 2021 survey conducted by McKinsey & Co. found “68% of those who started using an online fitness program during the pandemic said they planned to continue for the long term", demonstrating how at-home fitness is expected to see continued growth post-Covid.

Hand Weights and Jump Ropes

At the beginning of 2020, hand weights were a hot commodity, often sold out in many places. They are currently still on the list of Amazon trending products as gyms stay closed or operate at limited capacity. Similarly, sports equipment like jump ropes, resistance bands, and yoga mats are also in high demand as more people rely on at-home or outdoor workouts. 

Reusable Water Bottles 

Another popular product that falls under the sports and outdoors category is the reusable water bottle. This trending product is largely due to the shift in eco-friendly best practices. With many states banning the sale of single-use plastic water bottles, the increase in need for reusable water bottles is important for sports and outdoors, but also regular, everyday use as well. Offering variation of color, pattern, and size can boost purchases for an Amazon seller in this category. 

Staying Competitive on Amazon

Products that fall under these main categories are deemed essential, which makes it beneficial to secure repeat customers. Determining what sells best on Amazon FBA can also be tracked through consumer trends. For example, understanding the demographic’s core values can guide the type of products you sell to build and scale a successful e-commerce business. 

However, with the increasing popularity in these categories also comes increasing competitiveness. If you want to know how to increase sales on Amazon, it’s best to follow Amazon FBA seller best practices. These include optimizing Amazon product listings, updating inventory frequently, and ensuring quality products and customer service. 

Optimizing Product Listing

When listing your products as an Amazon FBA seller, following the requirements laid out by the platform is only the starting point. Identifying Amazon product listing optimization opportunities in your titles, descriptions, and Amazon product information based on keyword and product research, user-friendliness, and an informative and consistent format will draw more attention to your products and make them appear higher in the search. 

Updating Inventory

Understanding buying trends can help you better manage your inventory in order to meet buyer demand without paying for surplus storage. Reviewing your customers’ buying cycle will help you determine a stocking and delivery schedule for popular product offerings. Consider how often your customers reorder certain items. What are the most popular items? What are new items you can provide to enrich the customer experience? 

Delivering on Quality

By using the Amazon FBA seller platform, you have the advantage of having all of your products packaged, shipped, and delivered by a brand name that breeds familiarity and consumer confidence. Amazon also provides customer service for the products sold through the FBA program. Review your store data regularly to drive decisions that will ensure you maintain high quality and performance for your customers.

Offering What Sells Best on Amazon FBA

Categories like home and kitchen and health and personal care are part of people’s everyday lives, which creates a steady demand for these types of products. Certain trends within each category also allow for growth in product offerings and expanding customer bases. Optimizing your online store and offering what are deemed Amazon trending products is important to ongoing success.

When positioning your Amazon FBA business, consider consumer categories that are core to everyday life and build a brand that consumers rely on and love to secure sales. At Forum Brands, we look for a demonstrated financial success of at least $200K of net profit in the past year. If you eventually want to sell your Amazon FBA business, focusing on areas of growth in essential categories will help you reach your financial goals and make it more lucrative when it comes time to cash out and explore your next venture. 


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