Story of a Brand

EP1: Forum Brands - The Most Trusted Buyers of Amazon Businesse‪s‬

In part 1 of this Feature, we interview Alex Kopco, co-Founder & COO of Forum Brands. Forum Brands is The Most Trusted Buyers of Amazon Businesses. We discuss The hundred-foot overview of Forum Brands, Alex’s experience with Amazon; Being truly customer-centric; The advantages of listening to your customers' cultural differences; The customer’s first impression of your brand; The boarding process with Forum, and much more.

EP2: Forum Brands - Looking to Sell Your Amazon Business‪?

In part 2 of this Feature, we sit back down with Alex Kopco, COO and co-Founder of Forum Brands. We discuss Believing in the brand; Delving into that first conversation between Forum and the brand; What onboarding looks like at Forum; Working out marketing strategies; The keys to success with Forum; Advice to future sellers; and much more.

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