6 Products to Sell on Amazon FBA 2022

The growth and success of an Amazon FBA business are largely determined by how in-demand the products are. When choosing the best products to sell on Amazon FBA, it is a best practice to do research to understand the latest trends and which product categories are less saturated by competition. 

Are you wondering how to find products to sell on Amazon FBA? It all starts with Amazon FBA product research

Amazon Marketplace 

One of the most obvious places to do Amazon product research is on the Amazon marketplace.The Amazon bestsellers page is updated hourly and is based on sales.  It’s listed by FBA product category (and further broken down into subcategories) to give you an idea of where to get started and fresh ideas for expanding your store. 

According to the best sellers data, the most popular & profitable product types are those that are used everyday by the average consumer. Even as cultural and buying trends change, these are some of the best-selling Amazon product categories you can consistently rely on:

  • Pet Supplies
  • Home & Kitchen
  • Sports & Outdoor
  • Patio & Garden
  • Health & Personal Care
  • Baby & Toddler

These categories also have several subcategories to help your Amazon business find a niche and determine what’s easiest to source, supply, and ship over the long term.

Pet Supplies

Pet supplies are one of the best products to sell on Amazon FBA, particularly the ones marketed for cats and dogs. Products like leashes, collars, and harnesses are in regular rotation as high-selling items or profitable product types and should continue the trend into 2022, especially since the number of pet owners increased significantly in 2020 due to people spending more time at home.  

As of December 2020, the number of pet owners increased by 10 percent, which followed a nine percent increase in September, and a six percent increase in June of the same year. Pet supplies for cats and dogs aren’t the only areas to consider. Finding a niche in this category, such as fish aquariums and maintenance products, can help you enter a less competitive space and grow a loyal audience. 

Home & Kitchen 

In addition to spending more time at home with their pets, consumers also spent more time in their kitchen during 2020 and into 2021. Baking, cooking, and taking care of plants were all on the rise, increasing the popularity of Amazon FBA products in this category. From cooking sheets to pots and pans, and plant holders to indoor plant food, these regular-use products are in constant demand.

Additionally, with regards to the rest of the home, the change in seasons prompts consumers to switch out their bedding and prepare their homes for different weather. For example, bed pillows and sheet sets are often best sellers in this category as the winter months approach. Sales also tend to spike near the end of the summer as kids head to college and need bedding for their dorm rooms.

Sports & Outdoor

Sports & Outdoor items often sell faster during the spring and summer months. When the longer days and warmer weather push more people outside, there’s an uptick in sales as people prepare for outdoor activities. Keeping seasonality in mind is important as you strategize which products you’d like to sell. 

Track your inventory to see which items are selling best and when. The best Amazon FBA products are the ones that surpass seasonality and are needed year-round. However, you can capitalize on the seasonal and holiday trends by adding certain items to your list as these months approach.

Patio & Garden

Similar to the Sports & Outdoor category, Patio & Garden best sellers also change depending on the season. Food and insect killer are typically top-selling products during the warmer months, while pool winterizing treatments are more popular for the fall. 

Following e-commerce trends in this product category is similar to changing displays in brick-and-mortar stores. Though you may always have inventory available, you may advertise for certain items more, depending on when they sell best.

Wellness & Personal Care

The health and personal care category cover a broad area of products from skin care and shaving to vitamins and wellness.  For example, according to McKinsey & Company, wellness is a 1.5 trillion dollar industry and expected to continue growing between 5-10% per year. Further, Mckinsey’s findings show that wellness no longer just includes fitness and nutrition but also overall physical and mental health and appearance. Some Amazon best sellers in this category range from at home massagers, essential oil diffusers, to make-up bags and first aid kits. 

Everyday products may not seem exciting, but they provide assurance for steady sales over the long term. For example, oral hygiene products like toothbrushes, toothpaste or mouthwash are common Amazon best sellers. They fall under the personal care category as an item everyone needs, no matter your age. 

Baby & Toddler 

Bibs and baby blankets are always a top seller in the Baby & Toddler category. With parents needing products at a competitive price shipped in a hurry, it makes sense for them to seek out the fast, free shipping advantages of Amazon. By creating a storefront that meets the steady demand for everyday products, it can help your sales grow at a consistent rate. 

Restricted Products: What Can’t You Sell?

As you create a strategy for what products to sell on Amazon FBA in 2022, make sure to take a look at its list of restricted products as well. Amazon lists which products require approval.  Restricted products include expiration-dated products, meltable inventory, and dangerous goods. Plus, there are gated products, such as collectible coins, jewelry, DVDs, and a long list of other types of products that require approval before selling. 

Additionally, Amazon isn't as well-known for selling handmade products like Etsy because of the requirements. So, be sure to read the Amazon handmade product requirements before creating a product listing in this niche. 

Failure to comply with the requirements can result in refusal, disposal, or return of inventory at the fulfillment center, at Amazon’s discretion. You may also be subject to fines, noncompliance charges, block from future shipments, and/or account deactivation. In general, it’s best to stick with the broad categories with products consumers love and need for their everyday lives. 

Growing Your Amazon FBA Business

Understanding product trends is essential to grow and scale a successful business. Regardless of the category you choose, make sure you understand which products are selling well, what the competitive landscape looks like, and what trends may be coming next. Use the tips discussed in this article to help identify some of the best categories to start with. 

At some point, you may want to sell your business and pursue a new venture or cash out. At Forum Brands, we look for Amazon FBA sellers who have grown strong brands selling everyday products in categories that will be in demand for years to come. Our criteria also include a majority of sales conducted through Amazon FBA with a proven track record of financial success, with at least $200K in net profit in the past year. 

Once you’ve reached a point where you’re in a position to sell, we are here to offer passionate sellers a chance to cash out years of profits based on the e-commerce valuation of the brand. As Amazon experts ourselves, we understand the hard work and dedication that go into building a business and want to provide a payout that’s fast, efficient, and worthy of your success. 






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