Amazon Seller Feedback & Why It’s Important

When it comes to growing your Amazon FBA business, there are countless factors to consider, from product optimization to marketing initiatives. Yet the factor that may end up having the most significant impact on your business’ growth and reputation is your customer experience. 

Through Amazon Seller Feedback, your customers are able to leave honest, public reviews about their shopping experience with you. By understanding how this feedback is calculated (and how seller feedback is different from product reviews), you can ensure you receive a positive seller rating and increase your chances of attracting new potential customers.

Read on to uncover the ins and outs of Amazon seller feedback, why it matters, and how to use it to your advantage. With this knowledge, you’ll be well on your way to taking your FBA business to the next level. 

Seller Feedback vs. Product Reviews

Though they both act as direct channels for consumer input, Amazon seller feedback and Amazon product reviews cover different areas of the customer experience. 

Let’s identify the key differences between the two:

  • Seller feedbackThe Amazon Seller Feedback System allows consumers to rate their buying experience. The buying experience encompasses shipping performance, customer service, and overall fulfillment. The ratings are public for viewing, so other consumers can evaluate them when considering whether to support your business. 
  • Product review – Product listing reviews deal directly with the product itself. Here, customers can provide a public, in-depth analysis of the product’s quality and their level of satisfaction with it. A good product review can make your business more appealing to new potential customers. 

While these rating systems have distinct differences, they both offer valuable insight into the customer’s mindset. 

How Is Seller Feedback Calculated?

Customers have 90 days to leave an Amazon seller rating after purchasing a product from you.  They’ll answer a series of yes or no questions before finally rating their experience on a scale of between one and five stars.

Amazon quantifies these ratings as follows:

  • Five stars – Positive
  • Four stars – Positive
  • Three stars – Neutral
  • Two stars – Negative
  • One star – Negative

Amazon then calculates your average positive feedback over 30 days, 90 days, and a lifetime. Your score will correspond with your average number of 4 and 5-star reviews, excluding reviews of 3 stars and below. 

Why Does Seller Feedback Matter?

Amazon customer feedback cannot be undervalued when building your business from the ground up. Any direct channel to your consumers provides you with a unique opportunity to hone in on your brand’s values, voice, and operations. Seller feedback can also help improve your overall Amazon SEO strategy.

With Amazon in particular, seller feedback can improve your brand by:

  • Attracting new customersIf your brand is part of a highly competitive sector, a commendable seller rating can help you stand out. Other consumers may notice the positive review and favor you over the competition. 
  • Improving visibility – Amazon likes to reward Amazon FBA sellers with positive feedback. If you manage to uphold a high seller feedback rating, their algorithm will place you more favorably in the consumers’ search results.
  • Providing insightAn Amazon seller review allows you to step into your buyer’s shoes. They may highlight logistical hiccups you wouldn’t have been aware of otherwise, or shed some light on your brand’s overall customer service experience. 

How To Improve Your Seller Feedback Score

When it comes to improving your feedback score, start by identifying any weak areas within your business model. The buyer experience encompasses many factors, so it’s crucial to take an unbiased view of your daily operations. 

To set yourself up for positive seller feedback, try implementing the following practices:

  • Ask customers (politely) for feedback through Amazon seller messages
  • Manage your Amazon listing inventory carefully to avoid empty stock
  • Provide a quick and easy return policy for customers
  • Optimize shipping for speedy turnaround times
  • Set clear expectations with your customers right away 
  • Ask Amazon for help removing any negative seller feedback that may be untruthful 

By making these tweaks to your operations, you may find more glowing reviews on your page and more product orders in your inbox.

Move Forward with Forum Brands

Positive Amazon seller feedback can open up a whole new world for your business—but upholding a small online business takes a lot of self-efficacy. Between Amazon inventory management, customer experience initiatives, and uncontrollable external factors, it’s no wonder some companies can’t keep up with their own success.

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